Novin Technik Industrial Group

Vision and Missions

NOVIN TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP was established in 2004 to manufacture equipment for exhibitions and carpet stores.

Today, this industry group has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of carpet and carpet display equipment in addition to the industry, in the light and lighting industries, lifting and displaying ceramic tile products, proud to serve a wide range of customers. has it . In addition to manufacturing and producing products, this group has formed a team of engineers and design and architecture experts to design, consult and execute projects that can be said to be the largest of its kind in Iran.

In addition, setting up a R&D unit to design and manufacture new products and implement new quality management techniques is one of the other aspects of this complex to improve and enhance service quality.

In addition to Iran-wide coverage of Iran, Modern Tech Industrial Group has been involved in major projects around the world such as Australia, Africa, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Turkey, China, Russia and… Success is accomplished.

Our vision is to reach global markets and compete at the highest levels in the design and manufacturing of office and commercial equipment. We intend to make Iranian goods and brands in this global industry.

Our mission is to assess and design the equipment needed by business units, to manufacture innovative products of the highest quality and to achieve lasting customer satisfaction.

We always think that the development of our business depends on the interaction and satisfaction of our customers and their unique services.


Novin Technik Industrial Group is proud to announce its policy on customer satisfaction according to the following symbols:

Applying qualified engineers to produce products
Perform pre-project architectural design and consult with clients to achieve optimum results and dramatically increase sales
Use the best raw materials available on the market
Perform quality control of products
Continuous use of quality management system at all levels of collection
Prioritize quality throughout the construction process
Installation of products by experienced and highly skilled technicians
Get consistent feedback from customers in order to ensure their satisfaction
Novin Technik Industrial Group guarantees all albums of carpet display albums from the date of installation and according to the symbol in the installation instructions for 120 months.

Brands that trust us

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